References and Testimonials

"I’ve known Karen for awhile now...when I told her I was struggling with alcohol she was there right away helping me. I was also apprehensive about going to any meetings. That didn’t stop her from trying to find a way to help me without going to meetings. She came to my house and she called to check on me. She helped come up with a plan to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone."
Ann, January 2018

"Your suggestion of starting to network made a huge difference. It was the LinkedIn connection with my former colleague that started the ball rolling. In fact, I started going to "meetups" and found them really interesting. So now, I'm still going to these meetups to keep up on skills. This form of networking appears to be really popular in Boston. Thank you for your help and counseling. I was out of work for almost exactly 6 months, but it may have been longer if without your help."
Joe, April 2016

"As a clinical social worker in a private practice, I have referred a number of clients to Karen Carney for work specifically focused on their career. I have always gotten positive feedback, specifically, that she is very skilled, patient and helpful in guiding one to look outside the box. In particular, I think she has been very helpful with college aged students who are not sure what direction to go in with regard to their major or career paths. One young woman actually switched her major to education from business and with that change found college to be very rewarding, did very well and subsequently graduated into a very fulfilling career. When she first saw Karen she was considering dropping out of college. Karen offers a variety of counseling options which allows people to match their needs to what she has to offer, from online assessments to step by step guidance to changing one's career. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is considering a career change or deciding upon a career."
Michele Abu, LICSW

"I first met Karen Carney through a mutual friend and later found out that she was also a life/career coach. I was intrigued since I was fresh into a huge transition in my life, but not yet sure that I needed this type of service. Fast forward many months and I found myself contemplating asking for the knowledge, tools and advise of a career coach to help me through the next phase of my transition. Karen immediately came to mind without hesitation that I should choose anyone else. After taking the Myers Briggs test that she recommended, Karen worked closely to be certain we had nailed me as the correct personality type. This really helped me to understand how to excel personally as well as at work, not to mention what types of careers are best suited to my personality type. She also gave me homework which really made me think about a career that I may not have considered before. When it came down to it, Karen really helped me to gain clarity with her logic and knowledge of my current situation and how to move forward until I finally land that dream job. She is a very effective communicator and can help bulldoze any obstacles you may encounter so there is space for forward movement in your life. Her ability to help you grasp and attain a new understanding of the possibilities for yourself are exponential! Thank you Karen!"

"I have worked with Karen on and off for a few years now and she is the perfect life coach. She has compassion and best of all she listens and she gets it. She is always able to direct me to where I should be focusing and our sessions are always beneficial. I do highly recommend her. She has great insight which is another quality to look for when considering working with a life coach!"
Renee G.
Boston, Ma.

"I am an executive assistant for a well known software company and have managed many people in my career. I have referred employees to Karen for coaching and the feedback I have received is very positive. She has excellent insight and helps them by highlighting their strengths as well as showing them areas for improvement. I recently referred an employee to Karen who was laid off. Not only was she extremely perceptive and understanding of their situation, she helped direct their focus to several career opportunities they had not previously considered."
Doe C.


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